It Took Over a Year For Me to Consistently Make $250 a Month on Medium

Now it happens even when I barely write, here’s how.

Matilda Fairholm


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I know.

I hate ‘how I make X on Medium’ as much as you do. I guess that’s the point.

Unless you write a ‘viral on Medium’ (not just viral) article straight out of the blocks, Medium is going to leave you disappointed and discouraged. Because, for the vast majority of us, Medium is a game of the Tortoise and the Hare.

Slow and steady truly does win the race.

I started writing on Medium in October 2019. Within two weeks I was in, what was not so affectionately referred to as curation jail. I’d had my chance, blown it, and was cast forever into the abyss, never to be chosen for curation.

Never to be read.

That was until New Years Day 2020 when out of nowhere I published this piece that was curated in five topics. Fifteen months later, it still hasn’t hit the magic $100 for an article, but it does earn at least two dollars every month with no promotion.

Screenshot of Medium stats captured by author

And therein lies the answer.

It takes time, but articles that draw readers months and years after publication are, what I believe to be, the answer to a consistent income on Medium.

Once you start writing those sorts of articles, and write enough of them, the income gradually starts to grow.

Eighteen months after I started writing on Medium, I have at least 40 articles, out of the 115 I have published so far, that earn between $2 and $20 every single month.

As a result I hit the $100 by about the tenth day of each month whether I have published or not.

This method won’t give you a full time income from writing on Medium.

The most I’ve ever earnt in a month is just under $500. I have written one piece that went semi-viral. It was this one, which is still a good earner.



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