I Appear to Have Escaped Curation Jail

A story of hope for 2020

Matilda Fairholm
2 min readDec 31, 2019


Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Like so many other Medium writers I have grown more and more discouraged over the last couple of months with the apparent confirmation of the existence of “curation jail”, and my apparent life sentence.

I had my suspicions in October when after my first four articles were not selected for curation, the ‘high volume’ message started to appear in my stats. I raised the question in various comments on the posts of others. There was no consensus.

Then in November Shaunta Grimes shared her wisdom.

I’m also a fan of Ryan Justin’s work. He wrote about coming to terms with curation jail here.

It seems I had two choices. Pitch the big publications, which for this girl from coastal New South Wales, was daunting to say the least.

Or, scrap my account, lose my followers and start again in the hope of doing better next time.

Well as it turns out I did neither.

Yesterday I submitted the following piece to one of my favorite publications, Fearless She Wrote.

This morning it was published (thank you Gillian Sisley). By force of habit I went to my stats to see the “Hang Tight” message. That’s nothing new.

But then, 15 minutes later, this:

Writer’s Photo

I’m still reeling.

Perhaps the “high volume loop” is not a life sentence after all.

Now not to breach my bail.

Happy New Year.



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