What I Learnt From My Story Going “Something Like Viral” on Medium

It’s about hate-reads, one clap fans and more questions than answers.

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Most readers clap once

Like many I am involved in Facebook writer’s groups. We support each other by reading each others work and clapping loudly. My experience has lead me to believe that Medium members are roughly divided into two groups. Writers and readers.

And readers clap once.

Unlike the misogyny and abortion pieces, in this piece the vast majority of my fans were single clappers, which leads me to believe that this piece reached people that are on Medium predominately to read.

That’s a good thing, we need readers.

Hate reads

Despite the stats (one day I had seven thousand views and over five thousand reads) the piece has only attracted 383 fans (so far). This leads me to my second conclusion.

This piece attracted a large number of ‘hate reads’.

Writing about obesity is very unpopular in certain circles on Medium. To come right out and say that I don’t like being fat, flies straight in the face of the fat-acceptance movement. Don’t get me wrong, fat shamming should be condemned, but there is a world of difference between avoiding fat shamming and celebrating life-threatening obesity.

The story that keeps on giving

This is probably the most interesting part of my experience. I’m still getting about two to three hours of read time a day on this piece, despite the green line being fairly flat in comparison to how it was last weekend.

screenshot by author
screenshot by author
screenshot by author
screenshot by author

I don’t understand why, if you know, please tell me!

Obsession with stats

I thought I had a problem with checking my stats when the earlier pieces were my best performers. Try sleeping in Australia, when it’s day time in the US and your views are going up by five to ten every minute or so.

No chance.

The Takeaway

I had no idea when I wrote it that this rather simple piece would take off. Unlike the misogyny piece which was triple curated and the abortion piece which had five curation tags, this one had only two, Lifestyle and Self.

But it was fun while it lasted.

Survivor of long term Domestic Violence and Coercive Control, adult convert to Christ, writes about the life lessons of rebuilding from scratch in my forties.

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