The Ridiculous Indulgence of Crayfish Scrambled Eggs

In the unlikely event you ever have to deal with leftover lobster, I have a solution to this most improbable quandary.

I’ve been on a short hiatus from writing as I reflect on what has been a challenging yet rewarding year, in the obvious ways, and the deeply personal.

But I miss writing, and love cooking, hence this spontaneous production.

My husband and I have spent the last ten days taking advantage of a relaxation of restrictions in Australia that allows for interstate travel. We have spent our summer holidays exploring the island state of Tasmania.

And I can’t think of a better place to reflect on peaks and troughs of 2020 than in the picturesque town of Stanley, in North-Western Tassie, only an hour’s drive from what is known as The Edge of the World.

We will head off there later today, after we conquer The Nut.

Back to those eggs.

We arrived in Stanley late yesterday. I headed out in search of some local fish and chips for dinner. My husband, for all his many wonderful qualities, is not a seafood lover, his limit being a bit of battered Blue Eye Trevalla and chips.

My eye was caught by the enormous fresh crays in the display cabinet. Unfortunately they are not sold in halves, but at less than AU $40 I couldn’t go past taking a whole one back to our temporary waterfront home.

Feast your taste buds on this.

It was delicious, but along with the fish and scallops, I couldn’t even get through half.

The answer, leftovers for breakfast.

Trust me, this is a bubble and squeak like no other.


Leftover crayfish, chopped into large chunks

Free range eggs, I used three


Chopped chives

Butter, salt and pepper

For accompaniments, I used baked slices of Tasmanian pink eyed potatoes as we don’t eat much bread. I added some bacon and grilled tomato for my non-seafood eating husband.


Beat the eggs, I did six but used only half for the crayfish. Add cream, salt, pepper and chives.

Melt butter in the pan over a low heat and add crayfish, salt and pepper and cook, turning regularly for about two minutes.

The crayfish is already cooked, this is simply to warm it through. Whatever you do, don’t overdo it.

Add egg mixture and fold continuously.

Take off heat when just done, three minutes max.

Serve with potatoes and an extra sprinkle of chives.


Thanks for reading, now that our bellies are full we are off to The Edge of the World.

Breaking the silence of long-term domestic abuse, writing about my adult conversion to Christ and the reality of starting life over in my 40's.

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