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Matilda Fairholm

At 42 I met Jesus, and found life

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Despite what you have been coerced into believing, you matter.

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Should happily married Christians be ‘calling back’ believers who leave their spouse?

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It’s got nothing to do with narcissim, arrogance or wishful thinking.

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Examining the uncomfortable questions.

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A case for context.

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It’s a difficult day for many people, for many reasons.

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Now it happens even when I barely write, here’s how.

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The relentless agony of an estrangement neither of us want.

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A year ago Medium changed the topic “Women” to “Feminism”. They are not the same thing.

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Matilda Fairholm

Breaking the silence of long-term domestic abuse, writing about my adult conversion to Christ and the reality of starting life over in my 40's.

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